Solid and Long-Lasting Shoreline Stabilization in Syracuse, NY

You know the importance of creating a durable foundation for your project along the water’s edge. Instability now could lead to major issues that could be costly to correct. Whether your work involves helping municipalities control erosion or preparing a waterfront location for development, we can assist you. Give your project a solid start with shoreline stabilization in Syracuse, NY.


The team at I W Construction has experience constructing various stabilization structures. Breakwaters, groins, and seawalls offer effective protection for shorelines threatened by erosion. Using quality construction supplies, we build rigid stabilization structures. The barriers we make can prevent crashing waves from eating away at the soil along the shore.


We are an experienced pile-driving contractor that understands the parameters of projects like yours. When you choose us, we acquaint ourselves with your plan and work according to it. You expect us to provide you with strong stabilization structures, and we fulfill your request. We focus on doing work that gives you confidence about the overall success of your project.


Reach out to us to discuss your project and learn how we can assist you with shoreline stabilization.